Averbode with Diana ... 04.08.2019

This time we will go out and about with the lovely Diana Browny! The images on this page are from a shoot I had with a different model then Diana, just so you know! Below you can see a link to the instagram account of this lovely lady. Also at the bottom of this page a little youtube vlog from my scouting trip there so you’ll have a better idea of what might be possible! Diana is oke to shoot up till implied topless so we will be doing lot’s of swimwear and sensual sexy stuff. Off course we will take the strobes with us to create some more mood in the images.

You don't need any experience to join in these events! We will guide and assist you trough the entire shoot! Answer all the questions you got!

Model:  Diana Browny

Sunday, 04.08.2019
10:00h - 16:00h
Price TVA included: €180
Participants: 4-6 SPOTS AVAILABLE
Type: Shootevent
Place: Averbode (Belgium)

This includes the model fee, the location and the non-commercial use of the images.

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Our lovely model

Again a quick reminder the images shown below and above will not be the model for this event it will be the lovely Diana Browny, link to her instagram account at the top of this page!

Below a little video from the location scouting of this area!