Hey All! What have you been up to lately? For me we are in the progress of extending the studio with another 5mx5m and are getting it ready for renting it.

Now in regards of the Advanced workshop we will be hosting the workshop on Sunday the 21th from 10.00 in the morning untill 18.00 in the evening. 

Pricing is set at € 150 this includes the workshop, files to work on, food, drinks etc. And guidance after the workshop which in my opinion is very important.
Retouching you will only learn with a lot of practice, and then when you think you get it, even more practice! 

Before and after of a file I'be been working on recently.

Before and after of a file I'be been working on recently.

As you can see on the snapshot above, it are a lot of layers but don't let that freighten you. It's a way to work non-destructive and I want to be able to go back if something is too much or too less, needs adjustments etc. 

The final image can be found below: 

Retouched image

Retouched image

So what will we be handling during this very intense workshop, let me put up some keywords: 

- Multiple raw conversions (get the best out of raw) 

- Frequency seperation technique in detail  

- Very extensive Dodge & Burn

- Coloradjustments  

- Styling your image with colors and effects

- Sharpening and getting the images ready for the web/print

This is in a nutshell what we will be working on. If you are interested, we still got some seats open. So let me know!