As mentioned in our newsletter from January we can finally show you the final images from our shooting which we called "SPARKLING COLOR"

The model for this shoot was Joet Vercammen, who is a dancer and awsome with posing combined with our Makeup Artist Eline Van Gils.

These images are published on Fasionising.Com be sure to check it out!

In regards of the light for these images, at the end we used 5 different strobes to just create the different colors in the image.
If you want to learn how to work and play with color, be sure to check our workshop on Sunday the 30th of march where we focus just on playing and working with colored light. How to use different gels, what colors to combine and most importantly how to refine and controll it.

In the end there will also be a Photoshop Part where we will discuss colors and how to adjust & change them!

All effects in these images are done in camera, so the movement effects where made on the spot and not in post processing!