This series we did in the woods outside of the studio was created by the very creative makeup artist Eline Van Gils! The moment she created this piece of art on the face of the model i knew i wanted to create something "Day 2 Night, moody" atmosphere

Up front we communicated with Marieke Jansen, the dutch model for this series to bring along a long black dress which you can see on the images below.

The light in these images was created with the Elinchrom Quadra's 400Ws together with the Maxispot & grid in it.

The result from this lightsetup, you get a very concentrated circle of light in which you can place the model.

With the shutterspeed you are able to actually control how dark or light you want the ambient to come in. In this case since we wanted it really moody and contrasty, i decided to close my shutter to 1/250th of a second.

If you have any questions about this series, feel free to contact me with all your questions and remarks!

And now the entire series!


And the collage from all images together