What about publications?

Well getting a publication(s) is not always that easy I'm afraid. We shot a series with two models last summer in Liege and unfortunately they got just published last month in FashionFaces Magazine - http://fashionfacesmag.com/ - Be  sure to go check them out!

So why is it not easy to get publications? Well, it takes time, and most of the time you are not allowed to actually start publishing the images online on any online media!

Meaning: models have to wait longer for the retouched results, makeup artist etc, meaning everybody will have to wait longer to use the final images on which we are all so proud off.

Also after waiting for such a long period, you still are not sure if they will get accepted for publication when you submit them to those magazines. It's always a wait-and-hope scenario, where you are never really sure if a magazine will accept it or not.

Not to go into that many details, but be sure to go check out some different online magazines, and read about there requirements for submitting your work and you will see what i'm talking about.

So these where the images we did on that location that day! Light was done with a regular beautydish with grid (Jinbei - 1200Watt) and i used myself a Neutral Density filter of 3-Stops


So we contacted a stylist, two models and a makeup artist. Once we got onto the location, we started talking about what might work in this certain setting/location. We discusses a bit, made some changes to makeup/hair, while my assistant and I went location scouting, since it was the first time we were there.

Before I've started shooting I had already decided that i would make this series totally in Black & White, because for me, it would give me just that extra punch to the images.

Off course, this was a TEAM effort, no doubt about it, so here we go with the credists for our team that day:

Blond hair model: Sarah Michaux
Dark Hair model: Desiree Eleonora Viola
Makeup & Hair: Sandrine Coutelier
Styling/Design: Tinneke Geenen
Assistant: Yves Bosmans
Photographer: Gunther Frans


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