My makeup Artist Eline Van Gils wanted to try something new, so we decided to do a Bodypaint Project/Shoot!

After some searching and finally finding a model that was oke with a bodypaint, we started planning everything about the shoot!

Eline created the print/paint while I was thinking about how to properly light the scene!
The entire makeup & hair took about 4 hours since it's all hand drawn! The shoot itself was in the beginning a struggle because we had to look for the right angles to make sure everything was lit properly, and the combination of strobs with colors attached to them was correctly.

Below some of the images from this shoot.

We had to censor these images on request of the model, so unfortunatly the paint is cutoff this way, but hey, you get the idea of the images we created!


And a lighter version of the same image! up to you what you like the most!

Below a BTS shot, so we've used in total 4 lights to make this image work.