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Shooting Day

As you al know, or should know, on March 23th we had our first shooting day! Concept of this day: We (Gunther Frans Photography) arrange a model, in this case Debra Vermeir.

We arrange a makeup artist, and during the day you are free to shoot whatever light setup you want.

Shoot Debra Vermeir Sessie III40078

If you want hard light, soft light, you got questions, or you want to know something more about Photoshop and retouching, i'm here (Gunther Frans) to help you out with every detail of the shoot. As a result of this the people from Double Trouble Studios made a behind the scenes movie from this day so that people who are interested get a view on how we work during these kind of days.

Shootingday Debra Vermeir44077

And some results after retouching the shots.

Shootingday Debra Vermeir44171
Shootingday Debra Vermeir44111
Shootingday Debra Vermeir44069

If you got any feedback about this please feel free to let us know!

If you are interested in more of these days go check out my Workshops page That's it for today! Catch you later!