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High Fashion Workshop

Hello Everyone A while ago, after a lot of people convinced me to start giving workshops I finally decided to make the jump and start doing so. So that's the reason for this new blogpost.


A few months before all of this started a Hungarian Playmate got in contact with me, and decided to come to Belgium, because she wanted to do a shooting with me, with the idea she needed more images for her new website. We did the shooting, the images were awesome, we created a high contrasty, dark, edgy kinda atmosphere in the images.

She went back to Hungary and later on, a new Playmate contacted me because she totally loved my style of images, and my style of shooting. So after some long back and forward chatting trough facebook, we decided it was time to let her come to Belgium, and immediately we did a workshop with her.

Now after two workshops we already did, here is a graphic overview from the last workshop we had, the High Fashion Workshop.

Big thanks goes out to Filip Bunkens ( for assisting me during the workshop and taking some Behind The Scenes Shots! Also a big thanks to the model of the day Tunde Fekete, our makeup artist Violette Oxa, and Michael Wauman, who was in charge of the styling.

Soon there will be a new update coming up with the results of that day.