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As promised in this post I will try to describe the retouching done on 'Castle Of Dreams'

Below you can find already my layers pallete in Photoshop CS6



As you can see it's a lot of layers and impossible to describe them all. I will try to summarize, if there should be any questions feel free to contact me.


We used two images in total to generate one total image. In the raw conversion program (Capture One) we tried to get the most details out of the RAW images. Later on we masked them in, so we get one composed image.


After those three processes I started cleaning up the model herself. Using the regular healing brush to remove all blemishes on her skin.

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Since we wanted to create a very dreamy feeling you will see in the layer pallet a lot of Toning/Light layers, all this was used to give a very even toning and light atmosphere.

Creating the light was not that hard, we just used an adjustement layer gradient, put it from white to transparant, and put it to Radial instead of lineair, and placed it where we wanted it. For instance, under her arms, near the windows.


We did some dodging and burning, but being used for the contouring of the image, not so much as for pixel level D&B. More to emphasize even more the shadouws and highlights.




To create an even more dreamy image we tried to create a smoke and fog effect as seen in the layer pallet.


For the hair we used hair from an other image from her, to cover up the parts that could not be visible in this image.




For the extra details in the image we used the plugin from Nik software, namely Detail Extractor, we used it a few times to create the effect on the walls and in the dress.


In the end we did an overal sharpening of the image to make sure on the web it was sharp and not blurry (keeping the compression from facebook in mind)

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Got Questions, please let me know!

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Walktrough "Castle Of Dreams"


Walktrough "Castle Of Dreams"

Castle Of Dreams, creation

As you can see, all the images above where made from the same angle and perspective. All on a tripod to make sure the compositing part in the end was not to big of a deal.

Hello All It's been a while since I've updated my blog again, so here I'll make it up to you.

Last w  eek, we decided to do another 'Project'! Below I'll give you a sneek peak of the proces we went trough when creating this image. It was made of multiple exposures, and later in the retouching part, all composed together.

As you can see below, we started with a empty room in a castle, and we've built the entire set and customized it to our own taste. Big thanks to Photographyves (assistant) and Tinneke Geenen (styling) for helping me out that day. 

Tec  hnical Part: The shutter speed used for the shot with only the dress was 1 sec on ISO 200 with a diafragma of f11. Camera was a Nikon D700 + 24-70mm f2.8Later we added the deep octa right in front of her, to create an even light, to make sure later in the compositing part we had not to much contrast, because we wanted to create a romantic, dreamy atmosphere.

Later this week I will go over the retouching of this image, since i know a lot of you out there are really interesting in this part.

Got questions about this, feel free to contact me!




On Top Of Topless Art

In March we had for the very first time our 'Get On Top Of Topless Art' Workshop with the lovely model Emilie Vermeylen! Just to have you  know how it works in our workshops, Double Drouble Studios have created a behind the scenes movie to give you a quick inside view of all of this.  

Get on top of topless art - BTS from Double Trouble Studios on Vimeo.

During this workshop we try to play as much as we can with shadows. And not to mention posing your model, since there are no clothes (or almost none) we have to be creative with the body and create some nice curves for this.

If you are also interested in one of these workshops, you can find more information over here! At the end of April we have a workshop with the Dutch model Lenaa Warmelink doing the same kind of style.


And for now some of the images shot during the workshop!

Shoot Emelie Vermeylen32961
Shoot Emelie Vermeylen33208
Shoot Emelie Vermeylen33291
Shoot Emelie Vermeylen33336
Workshop On Top Of Topless Art36518
Workshop On Top Of Topless Art36599 1
Workshop On Top Of Topless Art36603

That's it for this week! Enjoy your weekend and will do another update after the weekend on my blog!



Jamecia Baker

Hello All, Quick update: Just a retouched result from the shooting with Jamecia Baker.

Simple light setup, one light Elinchrom BX500RI on the right, behind her, gelled with 2 blue gells, to make the blue more visibel and darker. Just a simple 18cm reflector behind her with a grid in, on top of that attached the blue gells with some tape.

Mainlight was another BX500RI with the Elinchrom Deep Octa & Grid on the right side from her, on a low angle point to her.


Questions, comments let me know!

Up to the next shooting, catch you laterz



Tamara M.


The session we had with Tamara, was one with wonderfull results. Makeup and hair was done by Marjo Shipper.

We did the entire shoot in our new Studio. As always all lighting is done by Elinchrom and their modifiers.


I'm not going to say much about these shots, but retouching was done in Photoshop, we started out with some basic black and whites, and ended up doing some fashion minded glamour shots.


The shots above are made pretty easy, just some fabric on the floor, model on it. Some glamour makeup, curly hairs and there we go. I have to admit we had to try a lot of different angles in order for these shots to come out the way we wanted it to. But I really love the first shot.


Then we went a totally other direction, more shade, the way we are used to. Images are lit with the Elinchrom striplight with a grid from Lighttools.

Some of the images, are just lit with a  basic 18cm reflector with grid in it to create some high contrast images. Toning and retouching is done in Adobe Photoshop CS6 after shooting tethered with PhaseOne Capture One.