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On Top Of Topless Art

In March we had for the very first time our 'Get On Top Of Topless Art' Workshop with the lovely model Emilie Vermeylen! Just to have you  know how it works in our workshops, Double Drouble Studios have created a behind the scenes movie to give you a quick inside view of all of this.  

Get on top of topless art - BTS from Double Trouble Studios on Vimeo.

During this workshop we try to play as much as we can with shadows. And not to mention posing your model, since there are no clothes (or almost none) we have to be creative with the body and create some nice curves for this.

If you are also interested in one of these workshops, you can find more information over here! At the end of April we have a workshop with the Dutch model Lenaa Warmelink doing the same kind of style.


And for now some of the images shot during the workshop!

Shoot Emelie Vermeylen32961
Shoot Emelie Vermeylen33208
Shoot Emelie Vermeylen33291
Shoot Emelie Vermeylen33336
Workshop On Top Of Topless Art36518
Workshop On Top Of Topless Art36599 1
Workshop On Top Of Topless Art36603

That's it for this week! Enjoy your weekend and will do another update after the weekend on my blog!



Jamecia Baker

Hello All, Quick update: Just a retouched result from the shooting with Jamecia Baker.

Simple light setup, one light Elinchrom BX500RI on the right, behind her, gelled with 2 blue gells, to make the blue more visibel and darker. Just a simple 18cm reflector behind her with a grid in, on top of that attached the blue gells with some tape.

Mainlight was another BX500RI with the Elinchrom Deep Octa & Grid on the right side from her, on a low angle point to her.


Questions, comments let me know!

Up to the next shooting, catch you laterz



On Top Of Topless Art

Hello everyone, I know it has been a while since i've posted another blogpost, but let me tell you why, busy busy.... Yesterday, so 24th of February we had the workshop 'On Top Of Topless Art' and as suspected it was sold out pretty fast!

Below I will provide you with some behind the scenes shots, made with a fisheye 10,5mm f2.8 to give you an idea how it works during a workshop.

Also in two weeks time there should be following a behind the scenes movie on my blog.

My view outside my studio yesterday

Outside my studio

And the second setup of the day!


And another setup we did during the workshop!


And off course a portret with the fish eye from one of the students Luc Grobben ;)