KARINA... 23.01.2017

Discountpoints: ❂❂

Karina will join us from Russia on this shootevent during the evening! It's on a Monday but it's the last day she will be in Belgium so we took the opportunity to book her and organise a shootevent with her!

As you can see on the images, you can do different styles with this model, so if you got suggestions feel free to let me uw know!

Got questions? Need to know things? This is the evening it's all possible!

Model: Karina Avakyan

Monday, 23.01.2017
19:00h - 23:00h
Price TVA included: €120
Participants: SOLD OUT
Type: Shootevent
Place: Studio Gunther Frans - Langdorp (BE)

This includes the model fee, the location, and the non-commercial use of the images.


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