In the pricing we include a hotel situated at the coastline. Bookings are provided for you and the rooms will be 2 person rooms.


Transportation from the Hotel to the locations is arranged by us. We will be travelling with 2 vans troughout the entire weekend. The flights are NOT included in our package but we will assist you in booking them together as a group so that it's easier for everyone to get there and don't stress out about it!

Food & Drinks

In our package we include Breakfast, a pick nick for lunch. Dinner will be done together but that's not included in this package. Drinks (Water/Lemonade/Cola) will be arranged trough the day since the temperatures might be hot!


Makeup & Hair

For this weekend we will arrange 3 models who will join us. They will vary the style from Fashion up to artistic nudes. Not every model will do nudes so it's up to them how much skin they are willing to show.

During this event makeup & hair will be arranged by 2 makeup artists who have experience with both Hair & Makeup! They will provide the models of an awesome look that will work perfectly into the environment.

We will provide the necessary lighting equipment so that every group has a strobe and a modifier to use with the model they are working with. We will be working with Elichrom gear.  For the natural light there will also be Sunbounce material.


Troughout the day we will help and assist you with lighting and creating stunning images. If you got questions about anything photography related we will be there to answer them. Learn how to control ambient light? Learn how to use strobes on location? Or are you just experienced enough to just shoot on your own, that's all possible during this creative weekend.

Assistance & Guidance

For this entire weekend we have an early bird discount which means if you book before June 18th you will get a €50 discount on this weekend. The pricing as an early bird is set at €650 in total. This includes all the above mentioned items! A Prepayment is required upon registration.