We can offer you our 1-1 Workshops which are completely customizable to your needs and likings. What do you want to learn. Just some of the items that could be possible during this private workshop:


    Apertura / Shutterspeed / White Balance / ISO / Depth Of Field (DOF) / Control of shadows and highlights / Composition of an image / How to create the perfect white background, black background / Posing a model / Q&A / Metering modes / Setting up your own Studio / …


    RAW Processing / Adobe Lightroom / Capture One / Adobe Photoshop / High End Retouching / Dodge and Burn / Colors and toning / Liquify / Smart Filters / Quicker Workflow / Exporting images


In this 1-1 Workshop we arrange a minimum of 3 hours at my Studio. The retouching part is also possible with Skype or any other screen sharing software!

In this package there is no model arranged, we could arrange that for you depending on the style you would like to learn to shoot. Rates for a model starts at €150 for these 3 hour periods.

If you got questions about this workshops do not hesitate to get in touch with us! We don’t charge for informational inquiries.

Starting at €299