Below you can find our program for our shoottrip to Spain 2017


17h00 Departure from Brussels Airport to Spain

20h00 Arrival at the airport! We take our rental vans and start driving towards our hotel

21h00 Diner together to get to know eachother and go over the plans for the following days. Creating the groups for the following days.

22h00 Arrival at our Hotel with late checkin.


08h00 Breakfast

09h00 Departure to our first location

09h45 Arrival at our First location which includes rocks - waters - cliffs - boats (This will be also our sunset location because of the environment we want to be sure that you have seen this location before sunset so you know all the things and can already start exploring possibilities for the evening.

13h00 Picnic on the location (Food and drinks will be arranged for this Picnick and are included)

14h00 Arrival at the Second location which includes water, desert sand, lot's of cactusses

18h00 Departure back to our Sunset location (the same as in the morning) and prepare everything to get ready to shoot the sunset which will be at 19h54

19h54 Sunset shoot

21h00 Back to the hotel but first we are going to have diner on the way back



08h00 Breakfast

09h00 Departure to our first location

09h30 Arrival our first location which includes desert, rocks and a lot of mountains

12h00 Departure to our next location

12h30 Arrival at our Second location where we first will have a picnic and then later on start shooting

13h15 Starting to shoot at the second location which includes high grass, olive trees, mountains in the background

16h00 Ending of the second day of our workshop

16h30 Depature to the airport to go back to Belgium



During the event we will be using a rotation system which ensures that every photographer gets to shoot with every model! Thay way you get the most out of your trip!