Dear Photographer,

We would like to thank you for subscribing to our Workshop Photoshop Retouching On Boudoir

This is also the confirmation that your registration has been noted and taken into account.



The Workshop will take place on THURSDAY 16th April 2015.

U are more than welcome to join us in the Studio starting from 18h30.
We will start the workshop at 19h00. The end hour will be direction 22.00-22.30


Winterstraat 117/119
3201 Langdorp

It's a dead end, the last house with a gray fence. There is plenty of parking space.

If, for any reason, you should not be able to find the studio, feel free to contact me by phone on one of the following numbers:

0498 43 29 31
016 56 90 72



You don't need to bring anything except for a piece of paper and something to take notes!
If you want you can follow me on your own system (laptop/pc) so there is place for these systems. I will provide the image(s) that i will work on.

It's up to you which method you prefer, bring your own notebook, or make notes, everybody has to decide for themselves what's the easiest way for them to learn, and to take things in!

May we kindly ask you to respect the question of the payment at the end of the workshop.

The participants who would like to receive an invoice, please let me know, so I can create one and sent it to you after the workshop.

If you should still have questions, feel free to ask them, i'm here to answer them for you.

Best regards and see you then
Gunther Frans