Shootevent Spain - 29/30 Sept & 1 Oct

For the first time we will be hosting a unique Shootevent in Spain. We will be providing you with 2 full days of creative locations.
Below we will give you a summarize of all the things you get when participating.



One of our first models that will join Spain will be the freckled Romina Paret! As you can see on the images she is perfect to fit in this scene! With the right curves on the right place for sure a no doubter to take her with us! More images can be found when you click on the image! 

Romina is oke to shoot up to implied nudes, bikini, swimwear, fashion, lingerie



The Second model will be Emmy Coone! She has no problem with nudes and has the perfect body to shoot during our Shoots. She's got some ink on her body as you can see on the images but hey that will work perfectly on our locations! She is a model that is up for a challenge and for sure can make some nice expressions on location!

Emmy is oke to shoot up to playboy nudes, implied nudes, bikini, swimwear, lingerie, fashion




The Third model will be Anneleen Maho! She has been here for some shoots now and oh my she knows how to work the camera! She also got some ink on her body but hey that's what makes this model awesome! As you can see she wears glasses which gives a nice twist to the images which makes her look cute while on the other hand she can also be sexy!

Anneleen is oke to shoot up to playboy nudes, implied nudes, bikini, swimwear, edgy, lingerie



We've been to Spain upfront to go and do some location scouting to be sure that during the event we don't loose any time driving around and looking for 'possible' shooting locations. We have optimized our planning so that you will get the most of this weekend. Go check out our images about the awesome locations we have arranged for you!



We will have a variety of models and will be shooting from Fashion up to Artistic Nudes. On top of that we have also arranged 2 Makeup Artists who will provide the models of a makeup which will work perfectly in the environment.


WHAT's included?

In the Shootevent package we will provide you with a Hotel, Breakfast & Picnick, 3 Models, 2 Makeup Artists and Strobes.


Click on the link below to go and find out our planning for the trip to Spain! If you got any questions do not hesitate to contact me!